Kyu Belt Clinic

Front Row: L - R: Austin, Dalton (WL), Rachel (WL)
Back Row: L - R: Ken, Dawn G., Mr. Gorman, Jeffery, Ms. Schreiber,
Sensei Dugan, Mr. (M) Schreiber, Mr. (D) Schreiber (WL), Dawn J., Aaron & Scott (WL)
    On October 13th, we had the kyu belt clinic as planned! We had quite a few show up and appreciate the support of Black Belts. We want to thank those who drove from Williamsville to participate, we appreciate your dedication.

    We had several things to do today; Sensei tried something new and it turned out to be quite a success. I think he may have even had more fun with it than the kyu belts!
He had all the students form one long line, each was to stand in sidekick stance as Sensei walked toward them with a kicking bag. This gave the kyu belts a good idea of what it is like to kick at something coming at them instead of at a standstill.

    The basics of kicks were the main focus at today’s clinic. We also worked on nunchucks, katas, self-defense, lunge punching and blocking. Ms. Schreiber pulled a few of the kids aside to work on kicks and katas. She was later sent over to work with the green belts on self-defense.

Our new raffle drawing is for a Yoshukai clock, like the one on the wall in the Lincoln Dojo. It is $1 a chance. This upcoming money is going towards registering our Yoshukai Alliance patch.
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