Our Visit to the U.S. Yoshukai Karate School
Bloomington, IL

(L to R) Front Row: U.S.K student; U.S.K student; Ms. Lowe; Jeffery Schreiber; Scott McCullar;
Mark Hayward, Back Row: (L to R) Dawn Gorman; Mr. Gorman; Mr. (M) Schreiber; Mr. (D) Schreiber;
Sensei Donovan; Sensei Dugan; Sensei Bottrell; Mr. Lowe, Ms. Schreiber and Ken Reese

Sensei Donovan; Sensei Dugan; Sensei Bottrell

(L to R) Mr. Gorman; U.S.K student; Mr. (D) Schreiber,
Mr. (M) Schreiber; Sensei Donovan; Sensei Dugan; Sensei Bottrell;
Mr. Lowe; Ms. Lowe; Ms. Schreiber

Sensei Donovan & Sensei Dugan
    Our visit went really well, as expected! It was great to see Sensei Donovan again --- we have not visited him for several years. Sensei Donovan was a student of Sensei Dugan at the Atlanta Dojo and received his rank of Shodan from Sensei Dugan in 1979!

    Sensei Donovan had Sensei Dugan lead the class, as protocol requires. We had a nice workout, Sensei Dugan lead the class in tai ho jitsuís 1-7. This was a fun time for Sensei Donovanís class since they do not do tai ho jitsuís. They all had great attitudes and seemed to enjoy themselves. We hope to see you all again soon. Thank you for allowing us to participate in your class. OS!

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