Yoshukai Karate-Kaís

Dillon had his first job detasseling corn this past summer. This is very hard and dirty work. Dillonís karate training had played a big part in his ability to begin this task as well as finish it, as Mr. (M) Schreiber did 2 years ago.
    Sensei held a raffle to help raise money for the tree. Dawn Johnson was the winner of the first drawing to receive one months free lesson good for October! Congratulations!

    The money was raised and the tree was bought. A Red Maple was chosen and it will be planted at Postville Park! Watch for information in the next issue of The Alliance, as to when it was planted and hopefully we will have pictures!!

Swimming Pool

    We held our annual swimming pool class on August 18th for both Lincoln and Williamsville dojos. This is the one day out of the year we get to do our training and have fun while doing it. We bowed in, and began our class with basics; itís amazing how the students put more effort in their down blocks in the pool than they do in class. As we worked on our kicks we worked our way down towards the deep end of the pool. Sensei had us practice our tai ho jitsuís. I still canít figure out why he had us do #6!! Sparring was a new experience for us in the pool this year.

    After we practiced karate for a short while, Sensei allowed the class to have the last 35 minutes to play.

    After having told one student that this was the one chance they had to splash him, one student show their true feelings for Sensei, Kallie Hoinacki! Boy, you donít want to get on her bad side!

    At the end of class we lined up and bowed out. Sensei thought it would be funny to have everyone kneel in and bow down, UNDER THE WATER!

    Many were in attendance and everyone enjoyed themselves! Self-control was very well displayed with the Pool-Nazi! (life-guard who almost had her whistle physically taken from her).

"The karate state of mind is not shaken by any situation or change."
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